Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other branches apart from Marlboro, Sandton?


No, we only have the mega store in Marlboro, Sandton at the moment but watch this space!




Are your prices cheaper than other retail stores?



At UFO, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer extremely competitive prices on all of our branded clothing and footwear.




Do you have the same clothing and footwear like everyone else?


No, our gear is a lot different! We are happy to say that we have done incredible deals with suppliers and have a huge variety of clothing and footwear that you will only find in high street stores at more than double the price!




How can I find out when the sales and specials are?


Easy, join the UFO Club on our website ( or like our Facebook page and we will make sure you know when the crazy specials happen as well as when new stock has arrived.




Can I buy on account at UFO?



Unfortunately not but we do offer a 60 day lay-by option with a 25% deposit.




Is your footwear and clothing old styles and broken size curves


No way, we stock the current, branded & on-trend clothing and footwear that will blow you away!




You say you have a lot of brands but are they all authentic?


Are you kidding…we have been around for 13 years and sell only licenced and original product from the local importers and suppliers-everything is REAL!




If I don’t like something that I have purchased, is it a headache to return?


Not at UFO! We will bend over backwards to make sure you leave a happy customer!




Are you a Factory Outlet Store?


We need to throw that one back at you and ask you what a factory outlet store is? Isn’t it a little shop on the side of a factory that sells defective, leftover stuff? If it is, then we are NOT a factory outlet!!!




If I decide to come to United Fashion Outlets, will it be the same shopping experience that I get from most other clothing stores ,where I get no assistance and I’m treated like I’m an inconvenience?


The main reason why we are still around after more than a decade is the fact that we value and respect every single customer past, present and future! When you walk into UFO, you will notice the difference from both our staff and management…that’s our commitment!